Senior Life Insurance Company

Life insurance is growing between 15 and 18 percent annually, however, it is expected that this percentage will increase to the acceptance that is having Microinsurance in population segments with fewer resources in the country, he said today general manager of the insurance company InVita, Javier Freyre.

He considered that the micro insurance segment is a more massive so should deliver given the penetration that is generating most important growth market.

“While market penetration of micro-I is more difficult because you have to educate people by showing them the benefits that can be obtained at low cost, shows significant growth potential,” he said.

He said it is raising awareness of what is family protection in a low-income segment of the population, such as the C and D, who live in rural areas.

He said In Vita is expanding its market through agreements with nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) or Entities Development of Small and Micro Enterprise (Enzymes) already have a mass of customers who already know.